DoggySwim is a new concept in canine hydrotherapy - a sturdy, insulated, portable jetted pool designed for water based exercise and restorative care for dogs.

Perfect for restorative hydrotherapy, general exercise and fun for dogs and their owners at home, DoggySwim pools are also designed to satisfy the professional demands of canine hydrotherapists, breeders and trainers.

As seen at Crufts and the London Vet Show 2014

As seen at Dog's live

Images of Happy 'Customers' Enjoying their Canine Hydrotherapy


Riley               Rolo             Splash 1
Here's Riley -  he loves his hydrotherapy so much he fell asleep!
Rolo loves the water and was very happy swimming in the S490 
Splash really enjoys his hydrotherapy which he has to help with his fitness


Perry            Heidi
Perry had nerve damage after being poisoned but the hydrotherapy really
helps, and he loves it
 Heidi is a real swimmer and as long as she's got her toy she's
happy to swim for fitness


Alfie       Heidi       Skipper       Milli
Lucy has hydrotherapy to help with her
fitness and she loves it
Here's Stella enjoying swimming
especially with her toy 
 Skipper loves to swim for
his health and fitness
 Milli finds that hydrotherapy really
helps with her hip displaysia 






All the dog's who swam the S490

at the Dog's Live Show

were clients of Stacy and her team at

Well Dog Hydrotherapy

 Ted has hydrotherapy because he had a 
pelvic osteotomy & needs to rebuild his muscle
 Eze loves swimming and that's great as it 
is helping to rebuild his muscles after illness


Lucy       Rolo Jets       Harry       Sasha
Lucy the lab loves swimming
for her fitness
 Here's Rolo again enjoying the jets,
swimming to catch his toy
 Harry chasing bubbles as part
of his hydrotherapy
 Sasha using the jets to
help with her fitness