DoggySwim is a new concept in canine hydrotherapy - a sturdy, insulated, portable jetted pool designed for water based exercise and restorative care for dogs.

Perfect for restorative hydrotherapy, general exercise and fun for dogs and their owners at home, DoggySwim pools are also designed to satisfy the professional demands of canine hydrotherapists, breeders and trainers.

As seen at Crufts and the London Vet Show 2014

As seen at Dog's live

DoggySwim Features

Counter-current jets

The counter-current jet configuration on DoggySwim pools is fully adjustable via either the air control or the control panel. Simply adjust the counter-current speed to suit the strength and size of your dog.

Clean, clear warm water

To sanitise against bacteria and water borne pathogens, DoggySwim pools feature a 50 sq ft fine particle filter, working alongside a corona discharge ozone generator and floating chlorinator. On the S490 model, a backwashable sand filter is fitted as standard . Water temperature is maintained by an efficient 3kW heater alongside the fully insulated cover. The recommended temperature range for canine hydrotherapy use is 30-31C.







The 50 sq ft fine particle filter is quick and easy to remove for cleaning or replacing. The filter compartment also features a fur catcher membrane. This is fitted above the filters and holds back particles such as dog hair, ensuring your DoggySwim pool always operates cleanly and efficiently. A backwashable sand filter is standard on the S490.

Sand Filter

The S490 DoggySwim comes as standard fitted with a Sand Filter. This pre-installed sand filter helps keep your water in pristine condition by removing dirt and particles from the pool water. It is easy to use and fully explained in the owners manual.


Easy care and maintenance with minimal running costs

The DoggySwim range of pools have been designed to be sited both indoors and outdoors. With an efficient 3kw heater, 2lb closed cell foam insulation all around the pool shell plus a thick thermal cover, the heat is retained, minimising running costs.

The durable USA-made Aristech acrylic cabinet is simple to clean and will retain a fantastic finish for years if well cared for. The shell is backed with fibreglass for strength and durability - this is the same material used in Riptide’s award-winning swim spas (competitors use fibreglass with a gel coat, which in time will crack and de-laminate).

Two piece thermal locking DoggySwim cover

Control panel

The simple to operate electronics control panel allows you to control the jets, water temperature and lighting. It also features a handy ‘flip’ option which allows the LED display to be viewed from either side of the pool.

Slip-safe ramp

Designed for above ground installation, the DoggySwim S290 and S490 models come complete with a slip-safe ramp for easy access both in and out of the pool. The ramp can either be used parallel to the side of the pool or at 90 degrees. LED lighting For night-time use, multicoloured underwater LED lighting is fitted as standard on all DoggySwim models. Lighting can be adjusted via the control panel.

Sophisticated and easy to use system controls

FREE Water Care Kit

Every DoggySwim pool comes complete with a Water Care Kit, containing every product required to keep the water clean and safe. Includes: Foam Reducer, Waterline Cleaner, Alkalinity Increaser, pH Increaser, pH Reducer and No Scale, plus Instant Filter Cleaner, Floating Chlorine Tab Dispenser and Tabs, Aquachek 4 Test Strips and Hot Tub System Cleaner.

No Plumbing Required

When replacing the DoggySwim pool water, simply drain from the bottom of the pool and refill with a standard hosepipe.