DoggySwim is a new concept in canine hydrotherapy - a sturdy, insulated, portable jetted pool designed for water based exercise and restorative care for dogs.

Perfect for restorative hydrotherapy, general exercise and fun for dogs and their owners at home, DoggySwim pools are also designed to satisfy the professional demands of canine hydrotherapists, breeders and trainers.

As seen at Crufts and the London Vet Show 2014

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Pool Range

DoggySwim Canine Hydrotherapy Pools

Our range of unique, self-contained hydrotherapy pools for dogs start from just £9995 for the compact S290. Each pool is temperature controlled, with fully adjustable jets and safe, clean water thanks to the "human grade" filtration systems we fit to every swimming pool we make. Click through see photographs and learn more about each model.

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  1. Overhead view of the DoggySwim S290, showing the layout of the pool

    DoggySwim S290

    Sport Series
    2.9m L x 2.16m W x 1m H
    16 amp
    5 Adjustable Round Counter-Current Jets
    3kW Heater
    Double Cartridge Filtration with Fur Catcher Membrane
    Corona Discharge Ozone System Learn More
  2. DoggySwim S490

    DoggySwim S490


    Sport Series
    4.98m L x 2.20m W x 1.27m H (+/- 15mm tolerance)
    27 amp
    4 Adjustable Round Counter-Current Jets
    3kW Heater
    Double Cartridge Filtration with Fur Catcher Membrane
    Pre-Fitted 50sqft Sand Filter
    Corona Discharge Ozone System

    Learn More
Set Descending Direction

What are the benefits of using a DoggySwim pool?

Almost all of the benefits of swimming and warm water enjoyed by humans apply equally to our dogs. Swimming in a DoggySwim can provide a real workout for even the largest and most powerful of dogs, whilst the jets can also be adjusted to a gentle flow which is perfect for smaller and less able animals.

The soothing water, kept at the perfect temperature, also provides a fantastic place for dogs to stretch and exercise even with the jets switched off. Pets with arthritis, joint pain and mobility problems may often find benefit from just being in the warm water, which can help loosen stiff joints, as well as taking most of the weight off of them to offer a low impact environment to improve mobility and aid recovery.