DoggySwim is a new concept in canine hydrotherapy - a sturdy, insulated, portable jetted pool designed for water based exercise and restorative care for dogs.

Perfect for restorative hydrotherapy, general exercise and fun for dogs and their owners at home, DoggySwim pools are also designed to satisfy the professional demands of canine hydrotherapists, breeders and trainers.

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Welcome to DoggySwim; Dog Hydrotherapy Pools

DoggySwim is a range of purpose-built canine exercise pools from leading swim spa manufacturer Riptide Pools.

Dog Hydrotherapy Pools

Dedicated Hydrotherapy For Dogs

With years of experience in hydrotherapy and producing high-quality home exercise pools for humans, we decided that there was no reason why our furry friends shouldn’t also benefit from our hydro pools. Combining decades of expertise, skill, and technical knowledge with input and research from canine professionals, our specialistscreatedDoggySwim pools, fully featured hydrotherapy pools for dogs. 

About Canine Hydrotherapy

The healing properties of water are something that humans have been utilising for thousands of years, but now dogs can also benefit from all it has to offer. Hydrotherapy literally means water therapy which refers to exercises and physiotherapies carried out in a pool that is used to improve health, exercise, rehabilitate or pain management.

DoggySwim S290 Dog Pool

DoggySwim S490 Canine Hydrotherapy Pool

Some of the ways that the unique properties of the water in a dog swimming pool can help older, recovering or overweight canines include; 

  • Temperature - the heat of the water helps to relax joints and muscles, ease aches and pains and increase the oxygen in the blood supply that helps to promote healing.

  • Resistance - The resistance of the waterworks to improve muscle strength and joint movement over time as well as increasing cardiovascular fitness. 
  • Buoyancy - The pool water creates weightless support that works to encourage freer movement, alleviate the pressure on joints, support weak muscles, and provide a safe environment for exercise. 
  • Hydrostatic Pressure This pressure helps to decrease pain and swelling within the immersed body as well as increasing circulation, aiding muscle repair, and reducing pain whilst exercising. 

Owning a Dog Hydro Pool

Our dog swimming pools are used by both businesses and pet owners, from professional canine hydrotherapists and veterinary physiotherapists looking to provide rehabilitation and pain management to those wanting to help improve their dog's quality of life. 

DoggySwim puncture-proof dog pools can be used for; 

  • Exercise 

  • Weight Loss 

  • Relief from arthritis / joint problems 

  • General well being 

  • Palliative treatment for dogs with cancer 

  • Confidence building 

  • Fun and Socialising