DoggySwim is a new concept in canine hydrotherapy - a sturdy, insulated, portable jetted pool designed for water based exercise and restorative care for dogs.

Perfect for restorative hydrotherapy, general exercise and fun for dogs and their owners at home, DoggySwim pools are also designed to satisfy the professional demands of canine hydrotherapists, breeders and trainers.

As seen at Crufts and the London Vet Show 2014

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How To

DoggySwim How To Videos

Using The Swim Support Pole

The swim support pole is used to help some dogs to face the right way when swimming.

How To Fit Rear Support & Lifejacket

  1. Pull the rear harness over the hind legs and up towards their back
  2. Do up the velcro strap and secure the clip into place
  3. Place the lifejacket on the dog, velcro securely around the front, and do up the clip
  4. Pull the strap underneath the dog and securely fasten with velcro and clips

How To Use the Hydrotherapy Frame

  1. Attach the lead ropes and clip on the gantry support ropes
  2. Wind the winch anti-clockwise to lift the dog up
  3. Pull the frame alongside the pool until the dog is above the water
  4. Wind the winch clockwise to lower the dog into the pool
  5. To maintain position in the pool we recommend lead ropes on both sides
  6. To life the dog out of the pool wind the winch anti-clockwise
  7. Push the frame backwards along the pool until the dog is safe to be lowered
  8. Wind the winch clockwise to lower the dog to the ground
  9. Undo the clips from the gantry support ropes and take off lead ropes

How To Clean Your Filters

The water in your DoggySwim pool is perfectly safe as long as you pay attention to water chemistry. Cleaning your filters thoroughly after use will prevent any buildup of grime and bacteria both in the filter cartridges themselves, and in the water within which your dog swims.

  1. Unplug or turn off the power
  2. Remove the weir and filters
  3. Spray the filters with filter cleaner
  4. Using a hosepipe, wash the filters with clean water
  5. Remove hair from the membrane
  6. Thoroughly wash with water
  7. Reinstall clean filters, membrane and weir

How To Remove / Refit DoggySwim's Thermal Covers

  1. To remove, unlock the strap clips, and squeeze the sides to release
  2. Raise the Cover Basket device and undo the velcro
  3. Lift the lid and fold in half, before pushing into the Cover Basket
  4. Remove second cover and store carefully
  5. To replace, lift the lid to the correct side of the pool
  6. Slide into position, unfold and lay flat on the pool
  7. Pull lid from Cover Basket and slide into place
  8. Unfold the lid, fit snugly and rejoin the velcro
  9. Lower the Cover Basket, and clip the straps down before locking

How To Take Off DoggySwim's Winter Coat

In addition to the two piece insulated cover, DoggySwim comes fitted with a thermal outer cover, which helps protect it from the elements, and keep heat sealed in, reducing your running costs during cold spells. When fitted, you should carefully remove, fold and roll the thermal cover before each session, and store it carefully for future use.